Reach out to a mold remediation company
for services based in Oviedo, FL and serving East Central FL

Mold can fester in your home and spread throughout your property. For a long time, it can go undetected as it gets worse and worse. You need a qualified mold testing company to combat the mold growing in your home.

We can check your home for:

Mold and mildew
Pet dander
Hard water

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What makes Elite Air Quality Inc. the right choice for you?

We have over 12 years in the mold testing and air inspection industry. We know what to look for when it comes to mold and water contaminants. We are licensed for mold testing and mold assessment.

Veterans can get a discount on our services. We serve the whole central Florida area. Do you need a mold inspection right away? We offer 24/7 emergency inspections.

Our license numbers are: NORMI CMR, NORMI CMA#14389, IICRC WRT, #MRSA3646 and IICRC AMRT#21929.

You could be inhaling allergens, pollen and spores with every breath you take. Don't take any chances with the air you breathe. Elite Air Quality Inc. handles air quality testing to make sure that the air in your home is pure, clean and free of contaminants.

Call (844)-FIND-MOLD today to request air quality testing.

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