COVID-19 Surface Testing

COVID-19 testing oviedo fl

Approved Surface Testing for COVID-19

Plan a COVID-19 surface test for your business

The CDC recommends that all surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected regularly due to the lifespan of COVID-19 on various surfaces. We understand the risk associated with exposure to the virus, that is why we are now working with surface testing to help our community. The CDC reports that the virus can live anywhere between hours to multiple days on a surface. All of our tests are sent to an accredited lab and are FDA-approved so that you can understand the likelihood of exposure. Our tests take anywhere between 5-7 days to indicate a positive or negative result. We will notify you immediately once we receive the results from the lab.

The COVID-19 surface test is intended for due diligence after cleaning to determine whether or not the surface was cleaned effectively. We collect multiple swabs from high traffic areas and surfaces like door knobs, phones, entryways, desks, etc.

Here are some examples of locations we will test for:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Office spaces
  • Businesses
  • Prison Facilities

Don’t let your business go untested. Give us a call today at (407)-946-1400 .

Reporting Sample:

COVID-19 testing oviedo FL